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The Story of MedicMum101

I wanted to start this blog some time back but I always felt I was too busy to get started. Often it’s that initial hurdle that feels the highest, right?  I am a London-based doctor in Paediatrics and step-mum and mum to 4 children. I created this blog to share experiences, ideas, and hopefully help anyone that may relate to them along the way. You can read more on my About Me page.

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1. The “Perfect Parent” is a myth. Don’t compare yourself to a fictional figure, it will only end in frustration. The same goes for the “Perfect Child” and the “Perfect Family”


2. Your child is as individual as you are. Lots of parenting guides may say that by following their steps you can achieve a specific parenting goal but their way may not be the best fit for your child. There’s nothing you are doing wrong and there is nothing wrong with your child. You just need a different way


3. Mum-shaming is ‘a thing’. There are people who feel it is ok to pass judgement on your parenting decisions and put you down. It’s not ok. 


4. Time flies. Enjoy raising your children, even the most challenging phases will soon pass


5. Don’t forget to look after YOU


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